What you Don’t need in your Hospital bag

What you don’t need in your hospital bag

This list has a couple of key items that are necessary your hospital stay and those that are NOT.  When I was pregnant with my first son in 2012, I had a HUGE bag. I would scroll and scroll and scroll some more through every article, blog and Pinterest link I could find. I would do this thinking that something would go wrong and it would be MY FAULT, because I’d forgotten something! Rest assured ladies THIS WILL NOT and CANNOT happen. It’s simply not possible. There is literally nothing that you will “need” that the hospital cannot provide if you forgot it other than a carseat.

All you need to birth your child is yourself. Everything else in secondary or simply for your own comfort of that of you hubby. Slowly but surely I have become a simplistic person. something about toys covering every inch of your home make you want the least amount of stuff/junk on your person and in your home/car.

rThat being said, this is not an en extensive packing list for the mom who wants to be prepared for every possible scenario no matter how minute the chances of it happening are. I have found that the standard Hospital bag lists have over 50 items requiring multiple bags. While that may work for some women. I have yet to find a woman who has used every item they packed. Now things will be different if you give birth in a birth center. That is simply because you probably won’t being staying there anywhere near as long as you would at a the hospital.

The Hospital Bag list:

What you DON’T need:

  • multiple outfits (preferably a maxi skirt, they are cuter than yoga pants and don’t cause any irritation)
  • underwear(you will be provided with mesh underwear
  • shoes (go in a pair of flip flops and if you want to walk around WEAR YOUR FLIP FLOPS, plus they’ll go just fine with your skirt)
  • birthing cloths (unless your having the baby at a birth center  you may want some, but hospitals make you wear those god awful robes)
  • lanolin (your nips DO NOT start chapping right after you start breasting feeding and you want your newborn to learn your smell NOT the creams)
  • food for you husband (what?! this is hilarious not only are people worries about pushing out a human being they’re worries about hubby tummy growling, UM no sweetie he will be a reck anyway let him roam around the hospital to a vending machine)
  • towels (omg really? have you ever gone to a hospital that didn’t have towels? lol this one is just foolish), and
  • make up (hahaha… if your a fist time mom, I  know that right now you think you need it because all those pictures… but they won’t be of you, and the only that are  you want to be real, you want in year to come to remember what actually happened and how beautiful it was, you don’t want to look back and think wow I was just so beautiful I birthed so gracefully… NO… you want to remember the love, sweat and tears that it took

Start Combining Letters

What you DO need:

  •  A CAR SEAT (please don’t forget the car seat lol)
  • 2 onesies, mitts, socks, hats (one new born and one 0-3 months cause you don’t know how chunky he/she will be)
  • 2 take home outfits for the baby
  • a phones or laptops and their chargers (if you have a long birth you and your hubby will want to watch something other than day soaps at the hospital and probably listen to music)
  • a nursing bra/tank and breast pads
  • a pair of pajamas (if your birth is long you will want to be able to roam without your butt sticking out in the halls
  • a loose fitting outfit to go home in
  • toothbrush and tooth paste
  • chapstick and water
  • witch hazel (the hospital will give you the undies and pads but the witch hazel will sooth down under), and
  • wipes an pampers( most hospitals will give these to you but just in case here it is

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