About Me



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I’m originally from Miami. However I spent most of my life bouncing around different parts of Florida. My husband and I have been married since 2011, and we now have three amazingly beautiful children. I recently graduated law school, which was totally kicking my butt. Hopefully I can share with you guys same of my experiences along the way, and how I survived school with 3 kids. Thankfully, the big man upstairs has had my back, and we are getting closer to the finish line each day.

I hope to share with you all everything I have learned as a wife, mother, woman, and just as a human being. Just as my children have taught me so much, I feel like I will learn just as much from you all as you will learn from me. When I first started looking into starting a blog, almost everything I read discussed the importance of a mission statement. I have so many plans and ideas of what I want to share with you all, that it seems almost impossible condense it into one statement. But if I had to try, it’d probably be to “help a sister out”… Nah but seriously… I just want to help others with things I could have used help with myself, just ways to make life easier, run more smoothly and definitely more fabulously.

While I do not intend my blog to be specific to just one topic, like the ever loved cooking or photography blogs, I do hope to share different areas of my life. Tidbits of knowledge I’ve acquired and definitely crafts and tricks to make our rat race lives less race and more pace. My family and I currently live in an apartment, but my heart desires to homestead, so I may often find a way to squeeze in a bit of all the research I am doing for the hopeful future. I initially started thinking about doing a blog when my friends(you know you are) recommended that I start compiling my constant projects and crafts for someone to benefit from, by blogging it to the world. My Pinterest obsession did not help either.

Well now that you know a little bit about me. Dive in, read up, and hit me up with any questions and definitely suggestions. I would love to hear from you all about your experiences too.