How to survive school with kids

How to survive school with kids:

5 things you need to make it through school with kids

As a mom, are you intimidated at the thought of going back to school with kids? Do you wonder how you could ever find the time? Well, it’s not easy, but it is possible.

I had my first son when I was finishing my junior year of undergrad, my daughter the day before my second semester of law school and my second son the day of an exam during my second to last semester of laws school. We have had some busier days than others, but we have made it through. All you need are 4 things to be able to make it through school, and still be an amazing mom.


It would be a lie to say that I was able to do everything I did because I am awesome. The only reason I was able to make it through so many years of school is because I have such an amazing supportive husband. Before going back to school talk things out with your significant other/family/friends. See who can help you, and what they would be willing and able to do. Try to evaluate your lifestyle and determine how many credits you can do at a time. Be realistic about how much you can take on at a time. Consider how much your support can help you out and how much time that will give you to juggle everything headed your way. Make sure you ALWAYS show your gratitude to your support, whomever he or she is.


Know without a doubt that you will be sleep deprived for the majority of  the time you are in school. Know it, and own it, but most importantly SCHEDULE IT! Without a schedule everything crashes and burns. Schedule everything, whether it be taking kids to the park or eating dinner out.  I find that about a quarter of the time things don’t go exactly as planned but without a good schedule everything slips through the cracks. Assignment don’t get done and kids end up tardy. So get yourself a good planner! I for one love the Happy Planner. I use the first row for school assignments and reading, the second row for family stuff like the kids doctors appointments, and the third for any miscellaneous stuff I have going on, which has more recently been dedicated solely for blogging.


Life happens, things don’t always go as planned. Especially with kids. Make sure you also include buffer time. Just make sure you have free time scheduled in. This sounds kind of absurde, but remember you cannot schedule tantrums or fevers. Sometime you just won’t be able to get out of bed on time and you need to be able to keep things moving along when that happens. Some days you will get to class late. And that’s ok, the world will not implode. Remember there is no one standing over your shoulder with a measuring stick to see how far from perfection you steer.


Some days will be better than others, but on those down days remember that when it’s all done and over, you will have  accomplished something great. You will be so proud of yourself and you will have something for which your children can be proud of too. You will be an example to your children and you will feel so empowered after having accomplished so much. So stick to it put your doubts aside. YOU CAN DO IT!


Well this one’s is pretty simple. I have spent 4 long years juiced up on coffee. I am fairly certain I’ve drank more coffee in that time than I have water. That’s probably not very good for my health but it’s just a fact.

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